Better content marketing with out-of-the-box content

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Content Marketing not only allows companies to draw customers deeper into the marketing funnel, but can Permanently improve communication with the target group. Instead of simply offering products and services, you can thus playfully expand your catalog of services, find a real voice and offer the content that you really care about. This is where you show what you stand for as a company.

And that works best when you offer not only the best content, but unique content in a tone that suits you and your target audience.

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Out-of-the-box content is designed to help you do just that: Your Content Marketing stands out from the rest in terms of content and, in the best case, form. Competition off. We'll tell you how to do that here.

Really reach people with out-of-the-box content

That Content Marketing has made such a leap forward in recent years has many reasons. The most important, however, may be that this form of marketing allows you to establish initial contact points in the Customer Journey can build - even if ad blockers have actually blocked their banner ads. Even later during the Customer Journey good content helps potential customers make their purchase decisions with confidence.

However, the popularity of content marketing strategies now also has a downside: because of course the competition is growing and in every business field you now have to reckon with competitors who also offer blogs, tutorials or eBooks. This makes lead generation more difficult and requires you to think of a unique strategy already here that serves the wishes and expectations of your target group.

Out-of-the-box content thought out medially - the medium is the message

First, we'd like to look at the different media through which content campaigns are communicated and show you why you should use this leverage for your marketing.

Video marketing is a must

Without videos your Content Marketing actually look rather poor in 2021. Videos as a relevant component of content marketing campaigns have received a boost from the fact alone that we are currently working with better mobile data rates and Google also prefers video hits.

Even without paid SEM, you have a good chance of being found by leads with a relevant video. On social media, nothing works without stories at the moment. Here you can focus on short storytelling and offers. Videos rarely give the final impulse to buy, but they create brand awareness in any case.

Podcasts for on the gos

Even in the German-speaking world, the number of podcasts worth listening to has long since become unmanageable, but there is still room for good content, especially in niches. Instead of reading long technical articles in the blog, listeners can easily take your content with them. Of course, this also works via sponsoring, interviews and guest contributions in already established podcasts.

Gamification makes out-of-the-box content a breeze

Gamification has long permeated many areas of marketing, and for out-of-the-box content, it continues to be one of the best strategies because it makes Capture the attention span of your target group even over a longer period of time can. From simply collecting points by subscribing to your Instagram channel to more complex mini-games in the shopping app or collaborations with mobile games, you have a lot of options here. And it doesn't always have to be complex. Sometimes a simple quiz with great prizes is better than a complex mobile game that was developed expensively but has no clear brand connection.

Content Marketing - Gamification
Gamification brings with it many useful features (Image:

Why out-of-the-box content is so relevant

All these ideas for reaching your target group through the media have one thing in common: Your initial investment may be well-intentioned, but ultimately your reach is limited to your budget.
This, at least, could be assumed, but in fact, just well-made Content Marketing not only from the reach you pay for, but also from organic growth.

Example: If you write an article that has no added value and is merely a promotional post on your blog, it may be read, but it probably won't be shared.
If, on the other hand, you use a video that is a general tutorial - for example, the DIY project of a piece of furniture - and in which one of your products is used, the viewers focus on the intrinsic value of the content. You sharpen your brand image as an expert in your field and get a wider reach through interactions and shares.
Clearly, the more unique and valuable your content is to the target audience, the more people you will ultimately reach. Viral campaigns can't be designed on a drawing board, but they all have one thing in common: unique content in a cheeky format.

This can work particularly well on social media channels and motivate leads and customers to join in. There are no blanket recommendations here; after all, a generally known recipe for success would otherwise turn every blog article into a viral hit. But there is one general recommendation: Tailored content increases your chances of success and this is exactly where you can find the interface between marketing automation and Content Marketing Leverage. At the campaign and strategy level, you'll be working with a wide variety of different posts, images, videos, eBooks, and more. So make sure that your content really reaches the right audience.

Of course, clear, concise, and purposefully told campaigns also help. Make sure you have clear storytelling and create content that is shareable. A company that sells food online might publish recipe ideas from its customers, while if you sell digital firewalls, you could provide security advice for PC users. Your company and industry dictate the best campaigns, but still give you complete freedom.

Think yourself free from classical advertisingg

With Content Marketing you can reach your target audience on the channels where they really want to consume content.

The Latest Digital Marketing Insights - Get Exclusive Access to Valuable Marketing Knwo-how

Target professional contacts on LinkedIn, offer in-depth tutorials on YouTube, or whet the appetite of junior staff with exciting TikToks - your company can do so much more than generic advertising, and out-of-the-box content is the perfect way to show it.

Of course, we are happy to support you in coordinating content and channels and in developing your Content Marketing to the next level. Learn more in a no-obligation consultation or read our whitepaper, available as a free download.


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