Automated email marketing: The most important tips for relevant newsletters

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Automated emailing is not a real innovation in the field of technology. But in marketing, many companies can benefit from automated email marketing benefit considerably. Because Marketing Automation Systems are now able to send various e-mails custom fit and to make them the optimal moment to the desired target group to send out. This gives marketing experts more time to focus on the important and difficult cases.

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Data is the foundation of success

In order for your company to be able to send automated e-mail messages in a meaningful and targeted manner at all, you first need to have in your department a Access to all relevant data. This means that data acquisition in many companies has to be turned upside down. This is because the data silos that have so often existed in the individual departments until now stand in the way of automation.

If possible, the automation software should be able to access data from a wide variety of sources in order to optimally capture the customer and their needs.

This includes tracking data, customer data from the Customer Relationship Management, store data from the online store and Data from the social networks.

Bundling of all information for automated e-mail marketing

Only by bundling all this information can marketing work effectively in the long term. Because a customer, whether an existing customer or not, should always be be addressed in as personalized a manner as possible. This also means that his purchases, his buying behavior and also his search behavior in the store can be used to determine the Design newsletters and mails to the customer in an optimal and appropriate way. With the large number of different emails and newsletters that we now find in our inbox every day, it is particularly important that the own automated e-mail convinces at first sight and encourages to read on.

Process sequences for automated email marketing
Newsletter marketing can be divided into these 5 process sequences (Image:

Newsletters must optimally reach customers along the customer journey

The concept of Customer Journey is omnipresent in marketing. The customer must not only be addressed in a targeted manner at every point of contact with the company, but the Addressing must also succeed with the right means and content. When a customer contacts a company for the first time, for example due to an ad in social media, the customer initially just wants information. He wants to find out about the advertised product or service. To do this, he could sign up for the newsletter.

The first emails must therefore be designed by marketing in such a way that its Match content to the current point in the customer journey. The more information about the customer is available and the better the automated e-mail matches the user's needs, the easier it is to convince the customer and the more likely it is that this prospect will subsequently become a buyer or an existing customer.

Optimally personalize automated email marketing

Personalization of content plays a particularly important role in this area. Because only if the reader feels personally addressed and the content offered is relevant will he or she continue to read the e-mails. This means that a automated e-mail always on the current database must be created.

As a rule, the personal form of address is still easiest to implement if users have to register for the newsletter or if they are existing customers. But how can the content be optimally personalized?

The design of a newsletter is crucial
Newsletters should be engaging, up-to-date and personalized. (Image:

Via the e-mails themselves it is possible to to get more data about the customers and their wishes. Because newsletters do not have to be static, but can also be dynamic contents contain. For example, you can offer recipients a selection of different topics, which are provided with different links. Thus, you can track which user has which interests.

This can then already be used in the next e-mail, so that only the content is displayed that the user and other members of the same target group like. If these options are interspersed on a regular basis, it is possible to define the buyer persona much more easily on the basis of the newsletter and refine it further and further.

Designing marketing newsletters without barriers

Accordingly, automated e-mail marketing is particularly easy with the right software. However, many companies forget for the sheer joy of modern technology that not all users will read the emails as they were sent by the company. This is because a surprisingly large number of users still receive e-mails without the automatic download of images. As plain text, many of the e-mails sent today not only look much less attractive, but also show a considerable degree of omission.

Because newsletters should also always be created barrier-free. This means, among other things, that all images should be accompanied by appropriate and meaningful alt texts so that no customers are excluded from these messages.

Use tracking to measure success

In order to be able to measure the marketing actions and their success, a Extensive tracking of the data necessary. Every automated email can be analyzed accordingly to check the reader's movements and reactions. If the user clicks on the links in the email and then even buys one of the advertised products, one can assume a real success. If he only follows the links, but does not make a purchase or cancels it, the reasons for this must be found.

Evaluate your automated emailings
Tracking newsletters is important to assess next steps (Image:

A clear and unambiguous recording of this data and, above all, a renewed provision of the data within the automation software can not only make the success of a newsletter measurable, but also significantly improve the success of further newsletters.

Consistent analyses improve results

As you can see, it's not enough for your company to send automated email newsletters if this tool is not constantly improved and optimized. Because in marketing it is important to so stay as close as possible to the customers and, where possible, to bind them ever more closely to the company through its own activities.

Automated email marketing not only makes repetitive work faster and error-free, it also increases the use of the available via Big Data data sets can be done faster and with the highest efficiency. So you see that automation in marketing will pay off in any case and your newsletters will have a higher effectiveness in the long run.

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