7 alternatives for lead generation at trade fairs

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In times of pandemic, lead generation trade shows are breaking away in all industries, we show you viable alternatives.

In times of Covid-19 and the resulting closures of major events, trade shows have taken a back seat in almost every industry. Nevertheless, this does not mean that you cannot compensate for the loss of a trade fair.

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Adversity can also give rise to real opportunities if you as a company to modern and contemporary solutions trusts. Because foregoing a trade fair stand and using digital solutions not only saves money, but can also help generate new leads. enormous advantages offer

Lead generation at trade fairs is currently impossible

Currently, the most diverse trade fairs have been canceled. Even if first relaxations are in the room the question arises whether with a fair at all again the Desired number of customers can be achieved.

Instead of mourning the missed opportunity as a company, it is now necessary to become active and find alternatives. Because lead generation at a trade fair cannot be denied, yet there are digital possibilitiesto compensate for this shortfall.

Trade visitors Define and recognize the website of one's own

For the Lead generation away from a trade fair, it is important that you keep your Define target groups precisely. This is because it is imperative that you separate trade visitors from normal customers if you want to achieve effects similar to those at a trade fair.

Generate trade visitors as leads at trade fairs
Trade visitors and their destinations at trade shows (Image: crativeworld.messefrankfurt.de)

There, you usually change the offer of trade visitor days significantly, because they usually require more expertise and have different focus on products and services. If the alternatives to normal trade fairs are to work, lead generation must also include these Consider differences in each case.

Separate visitors - direct visitor flows

It is important for companies to separate trade visitors and private visitors in digital media as well. This is because the interests of visitors often diverge greatly. As at a trade show, which is divided into trade visitors and normal visitors, you can separate your Assign digital offerings to the different target groups.

Because both the information provided and the type of presentation differs significantly, depending on the target group. If you can categorize visitors accordingly, for example by registering them as trade visitors, you can design a separate program for each target group. Thus you can target the desired purchase incentives.

Lead generation without trade shows: Use alternatives like webinars

Webinars, i.e. seminars on the web, are a popular means of Information sharing. Webinars are also suitable as alternatives to trade fairs if the product or the offer requires a certain amount of explanation. Webinars are particularly suitable as a substitute for trade fairs, as they can be used to address the questions of the participants.

On the other hand, a digital exhibition stand with presentations, charts, videos and animations is more suitable for a broad audience, as here the visual aspect advantageous is. Both variants are common and good alternatives to measurement, but you must use them well. preparedn and into the Integrate processes.

Digital trade fairs? Information bundle and present

If you decide to use webinars as common alternatives to trade shows, you need to be aware of the Adapt requirements of this medium. The information must not only serve lead generation, but must also be particularly appealing and easily consumable presented be. Because while you can follow up on comprehension problems in a direct trade show presentation, many people have a hard time with follow-up questions via digital media.

Example of a digital trade fair
Digital trade fairs enable almost the same possibilities as offline trade fairs (Image: messedigital.blog)

Should the alternatives to the Lead generation so work effectively, you need to make presentations and performances break it down to the core. Additional and more detailed information can be included in the documentation away from the presentation and webinar. The focus of the actual presentation should be on the core areas. This is a difficult and challenging balancing act, but one that can be achieved during the Lead generation can be enormously helpful.

Marketing automation for lead generation: using alternatives efficiently

Have you captured leads through your website and segmented and a clear defined specialist audience recruitedyou can use the existing marketing automation tools for lead generation. For example, follow-up after a trade show can also be done digitally.

The advantage: you do not have to address each customer individually.

A software can be based on Basis of Big Data take over this work. An email is equally beneficial after a webinar. It gives you the opportunity to make an appointment for a video call or a phone call. It also gives you the opportunity to provide the participant with further information. In this way, you can use the digitally available data effectively for further lead generation.

Digital trade fairs need the right technical environment

No matter in which form you want to hold a digital trade fair, whether with a digital trade fair stand or your own webinar. The crucial point is the technical equipment. Because the platform you choose must not only be a Fast connection but must also be able to cope with the number of participants. clean and without difficulty to run. A webinar with 10 participants is technically much easier to implement than a digital trade show booth with more than 1,000 visitors at the same time.

Personal care - effective Alternatives on the net

An important point at a trade fair is the personal contact with customers and those responsible. However, in this day and age, this can also be organize very well digitally. Thanks to the different communication tools you can, for example, easily hold personal appointments around your digital trade fair at a distance. With various video tools, such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams you can thus easily cover individual and group discussions, Q&A sessions and similar program items.

The Latest Digital Marketing Insights - Get Exclusive Access to Valuable Marketing Knwo-how

In any case, consider the Data protection and data security requirements aret. Direct and also visual contact not only creates trust, but also offers the possibility of personal negotiation. The various alternatives on the market are easy to use and are already being used by many customers in the home office.

So you're preaching to the choir if you want to take advantage of this opportunity for Use and actively deploy lead generation. Because for all the digital advantages, personal and individual communication is at the heart of every trade fair and should not be forgotten, even with the digital alternatives.


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