[Guide] Using AdRoll for Remarketing and Prospecting

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AdRoll is one of the leading tools with which marketing experts, e-commerce operators and website owners can Effective display campaigns with little effort can create. Particularly easy to Prospecting and Remarketing implement with AdRoll.

Remarketing is an important achievement of online marketing in recent years. Networks like Google Display and Facebook make it possible, Display products to customers in a targeted manner, that really interest them and to follow up here with remarketing as well. Prospecting, on the other hand, finds new customers for your business before they have visited the store for the first time.

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This is what prospecting means in marketing

When we talk about prospecting in marketing, we are talking about the targeting of ads to users meant, who have not yet had contact with you or your website had. Thereby you can rely on different Targeting methods fall back on. If, for example, you would like to address young people interested in sustainability in particular, an orientation of your Campaign on this target group a good idea.

Common interests with your customers

Algorithms use all the data available to them to hit your target group as accurately as possible. In real time, these processes run in milliseconds. To do this, the algorithm matches information that it can obtain from the Google search profile or Facebook data, for example. A person who often visits vegetarian and vegan stores will show more interest in a new vegan product line than people who like to buy cheaply will show interest in meat, leather and mass fashion. 

At Targeting you can Include different valuese.g. demographic characteristics such as age, gender, whether the person has children and pets, place of residence, origin and language. In addition, you can also target by interest, for example, which pages a user visits frequently and which topics and products they are interested in.

Precise targeting via remarketing and prospecting with AdRoll
An algorithm helps to address the target group appropriately. (Image: goldbach.com)

A very effective method of prospecting with AdRoll is to focus on so-called Lookalike Audiences to set. In doing so, you provide the algorithm with the data of existing customers or users who have made a request, match with other users. AdRoll thus finds consumers for you who are very similar to existing customers in terms of their characteristics. This is very effective because it allows you to match them down to the smallest detail, which you can't find through pure demographic or interest-based targeting.

Win back prospects through remarketing

With remarketing on AdRoll, you can remind website visitors when they haven't completed a purchase in your store, or haven't been on your website for a while. 

In doing so, you can carry out very small-scale remarketing and use the Match ads perfectly to previous page visitsYou can reduce the number of ads by displaying products that the user has recently viewed. If a customer has looked at a garden bench in your online store but not purchased it, the ad reminds him to complete the purchase after all. This function is activated by storing a temporary tracking pixel as a cookie.

Implementation with AdRoll

In order to set up AdRoll campaigns, make remarketing possible and measure success, the AdRoll pixel must first be integrated on the website. This allows website activity to be tracked and target groups to be set up.

Capture of website users via the AdRoll Pixel
The AdRoll pixel helps track website activity.

To get started, we recommend at least these two target groups:

  1. All website visitors
  2. All users with conversion

The creation of Target groups is very simple. The URL visited is set. If you capture all website visitors, you can play ads to them via remarketing. Depending on the goal of the campaign, you can exclude users with conversion. At the same time, the target group "All users with conversion" serves as the basis for the lookalike audience in prospecting.

Remarketing allows ads to be displayed to website visitors.
Remarketing allows ads to be displayed to website visitors.

Once these settings have been made, you can create your campaign. You can differentiate whether you want to play your ads on websites and apps, or on social networks. After that, you only need to make a few basic settings.

AdRoll campaign creation
In the next step, you can decide on which channels and in which form the ad should be played.

In the next step, you select your previously created target groups and, if necessary, exclude target groups that you don't want to target. The last thing you need to do is upload your ads. You can either upload already created banners or HTML ads, or create ads directly in AdRoll.

Ad creation in AdRoll
AnzLast you add your target audience and upload your ad

Plan your campaign with AdRoll and Thorit

You want to implement a prospecting or remarketing campaign with AdRoll, but don't know where to start? Our Thorit experts are at your side with advice and optimization of your ads and bring your AdRoll Ads to success with you.

Brand Analysis Template: The Foundation for Your Digital Marketing Strategy - Download Template



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