Voting on Instagram: How to use the feature

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Dog or cat? Yes or No?

Who on Instagram vote wants can rejoice! A few days ago, the network published the new functionality. It is now possible to vote directly in the stories of other users and start polls themselves. Users can vote in the Stories individual accounts directly answer questions and get the general result displayed afterwards.

This feature again creates a new possibility of interaction. Previously, stories only offered the option to reply to a story. Here's how it looks in the app:

We think that this new type of interaction between influencers and consumers will once again have an amplified effect.

The consumer is not only "played with" here, but he is also Reacts direct to a published story and thus also gives something back. It may well be that with the new function of the social network influencers and corporate accounts can strengthen the connection with their consumers.

The feature is already available for all accounts and can be easily selected as a "sticker" when posting a story. You can have a maximum of two answer options add and one question. For the new functions, however, the latest update of the app can be installed.

The update is available in the App Store and in the Google Play Store available.

Our conclusion about voting on Instagram

Voting on Instagram opens up a great new opportunity to interact with users. It remains to be seen whether relationships with consumers can be strengthened better than with normal stories. With a leveled combination of regular stories and Reconciliations However, we think that the new feature will provide a real Added value for Influencer and Business accounts can offer. We will extensively test and observe the new function over the next few months.

What do you think of the new feature? Do you think it can add a little value to social media marketing? Write it in the comments 

Source: You can find the official announcement from Instagram here.

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